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How To Light Charcoal For Hookah Or Shisha

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Are you a hookah lover and want to purchase one but worrying about how you will light charcoal easily for hookah and not have any experience in it? But you need to lounge with your friends at home. Don’t worry, most people face this problem while purchasing hookah but the salesmen will teach them or they’ll google it. As you can here we’ll teach you how to light charcoal. 

Charcoal is the most important part of smoking hookah because without charcoal you won’t get smoke. So, if you are facing light charcoal then you should know that there are two types of charcoal in the market. The first one is quick light charcoal and the second one is natural charcoal. In the quick light charcoal, These coals light so fast and easy that won’t take a few minutes of yours also it is not dangerous in flames. On the other hand, Natural Hookah Coals are different. Let's get some knowledge about it. 

Natural Hookah Coals

Buy natural Hookah Coals will provide you with the right amount of heat on the shish which extends the time of hookah. As you know they are natural coals so they are eco-friendly and come from coconut shells. Also, due to naturality, it provides you with a good quality of smoke. To light them properly, they need proper consistency of heat to use them for a smoke. It comes in cubes and it lasts longer to give heat. But it is tough to light them up because it takes some time to provide heat or catch fire. So, for doing this job there’s normally an electric coil heater in the market. To help you make a hookah nicely also with dense and good flavor smoke. To heat charcoal, there is equipment known as tong to flip coal and heat it from every side.

After lighting them, coals get the red or orange color and check them out that they are light from every corner. It is odorless and clean-tasting, which is not harmful and gives you rich smoke. Also, as it takes time to get fire according to that it’s fire is the last longing or gives higher heat output. Due to taking more time to light, lack of convenience factor since you need high consistency of heat. This is somehow the best hookah coal for lounging among experienced people. So, if you want to purchase coal then Best Hookah Coals for good flavor and long-lasting time.  

Load A Hookah Bowl

Packing a bowl with foil paper seems easy for people but they don’t do it well. Hookah bowl is filled with the flavor of hookah. So packing it, common mistakes can happen. So, to make it perfect first check if your flavor is chopped well or not, and if it's not then chop it properly so the coal gives every leaf proper heat for dense and rich smoke. Also, if you are mixing another flavor then mix it properly with the stick and place foil paper on it, and pack it properly from every side of the bowl.  Once the foil is tightly sealed on the top of the bowl then you need to poke tiny smalls with the pin on the foil so that heat can transfer through holes. Mainly, the hole must not be big because if it is then ash will mix with your flavor or shish which you don’t want. Even holes must be everywhere on the top of the bowl to give you enough smoke. 

quick and instant hookah coals

This is the other type of coal in which you get instant results. In this, coal is coated with sulfur which helps to catch the fire in seconds. Starlight Hookah Coals are the options of instant hookah coals. They are mainly for beginners and for travelers so that they can easily carry it with them. It comes in a round shape and catches fire when you touch it with the flame. But they are not odorless so they give chemical flavor in shisha. Wholesale Hookah Charcoals or Hookah Shisha for sale are easily available online and offline to buy. 

hookah coal burner

For natural Hookah Coals, you must need a burner. There are various hookah coal burners that you can purchase. Some are used to boil other foodstuffs. Natural Hookah Coals in Australia is tough to find out but you can buy this online. 

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