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  • Thick Foil Perla Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll for Shisha/Hookah Smoking

    Perla Perla Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll for Shisha/Hookah Smoking

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    Product Overview Experience the perfect hookah session with Perla Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll. Specially crafted to ensure premium-quality smoke every time, this aluminium foil is the ideal choice for avid shisha/hookah enthusiasts. The foil roll also allows heat to pass through, maintaining the shisha's unique taste and aroma. With a roll length of 50 meters, Perla Foil Roll is a cost-effective, long-lasting option for every hookah smoker's needs. Product Details Material: Aluminum Foil Type: Heavy Duty Length: 50 meters (164 feet) Barcode: Provided by the manufacturer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)   Question Answer How do I use the PERLA Foil Roll for Shisha/Hookah? Unroll the desired amount of foil from the roll and tear it off. Place it over the shisha bowl, ensuring it is taut and covers the entire bowl. Then, poke several small holes in the foil to allow heat to pass through. Is the PERLA Foil Roll for Shisha/Hookah safe? Yes, the Perla Foil Roll is made of premium-quality aluminium and is safe to use. It is designed explicitly for shisha/hookah smoking and is used by hookah bars across the globe. Conclusion Perla Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Roll is a must-have for any shisha/hookah enthusiast. The premium-quality aluminium ensures a long-lasting, enjoyable smoke, while the 50-meter length ensures you won't run out anytime soon. This foil roll is an essential addition to your hookah smoking experience, perfect for individual and group use.

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  • Perla - PERLA | King Size Foil Roll - The Premium Way - #Hookah# - #shisha#

    Perla PERLA King Size Foil Roll

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    Product Overview Perla King Size Aluminum Foil Tearable Sheets 15 x 15cm Super thick and heat resistant. 

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Perla - The Premium Way


Perla Shisha Foil: The Perfect Choice for Hookah Enthusiasts

Welcome to The Premium Way, your go-to online store for hookah needs. Today, we would like to introduce you to one of our best-selling products - Perla Shisha Foil, a popular choice for hookah enthusiasts worldwide.

What is Perla Shisha Foil?

Perla Shisha Foil is a premium quality hookah foil made from food-grade aluminium. This German-made foil is known for its strength, durability, and ability to withstand high temperatures, making it the perfect choice for any hookah enthusiast.

How is Perla Shisha Foil different from other hookah foils?

Perla Shisha Foil stands out from other hookah foils due to its exceptional thickness of 20 microns. This thickness provides an even heat distribution and prevents hot spots, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. In addition, it is puncture-resistant, meaning it won't tear easily when placing the coal on top.

What are the benefits of using Perla Shisha Foil?

Perla Shisha Foil can significantly enhance your smoking experience at The Premium Way. The foil's thickness ensures that the heat is evenly distributed, allowing for a longer and more enjoyable session. Additionally, the puncture-resistant feature of this foil ensures that the coal won't accidentally fall into the bowl, which can be a common issue with thinner foils.

How do you use Perla Shisha Foil?

Using Perla Shisha Foil is simple and easy. Begin by cleaning the bowl and filling it with your preferred shisha flavour. After that, take a sheet of Perla Shisha Foil from our store and place it over the bowl, ensuring it is tight and flat. Next, poke small holes in the foil using a toothpick or a specialized foil poker to distribute the holes evenly. Finally, place the coal on top of the foil and let it heat up for a few minutes before smoking.

How many sheets of Perla Shisha Foil do you need for one session?

Typically, one sheet of Perla Shisha Foil is enough for one session. However, some hookah enthusiasts prefer to use two sheets for added thickness and durability.

Can you reuse Perla Shisha Foil?

At The Premium Way, we recommend fresh Perla Shisha Foil for each session. While it is technically possible to reuse the foil, it is not recommended as it can result in uneven heat distribution, leading to a less enjoyable smoking experience.

Is Perla Shisha Foil eco-friendly?

Perla Shisha Foil is made from food-grade aluminium, a recyclable material. This means it can be recycled and repurposed, making it an eco-friendly option for hookah enthusiasts.

Where can I buy Perla Shisha Foil?

Perla Shisha Foil is available at our online store, The Premium Way. We offer fast and reliable shipping across Australia, and our customer service team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns.


Perla Shisha Foil is the perfect choice for hookah enthusiasts looking for a high-quality, reliable option for covering their bowls. Its premium thickness, puncture resistance, and even heat distribution make it an ideal choice for a long and enjoyable smoking session. At The Premium Way, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services. So shop with us today and experience the difference!


Can you use Perla Shisha Foil with any type of coal?
Yes, Perla Shisha Foil can be used with any type of coal, including natural coconut charcoal and quick-light charcoal.
Does Perla Shisha Foil come in different sizes?
Yes, Perla Shisha Foil comes in various sizes to fit different bowl sizes and shapes. You can find them all at The Premium Way.
Can you use Perla Shisha Foil with other types of smoking devices?
Perla Shisha Foil is specifically designed for hookah smoking and may not work well with other types of smoking devices. We highly recommend using it for hookah sessions only.
Is Perla Shisha Foil safe to use?
Yes, Perla Shisha Foil is made from food-grade aluminium and is safe to use. However, it is always recommended to follow proper smoking etiquette and safety precautions when using hookah.


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