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  • 15-20gms Smokelab - Smokelab - Rocks Egy Bowls | Light - The Premium Way - #Hookah# - #shisha#

    Smokelab Smokelab - Rocks Egy Bowls Light

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    Product Overview   The first model of SmokeLab bowls in oxygen-free firing, using 16th-century technology. Thoroughly refined clay undergoes wood-burning, in which the entire material is processed, not just the outer layer. The bowl becomes more durable and less porous, due to which it will be in use for a long time. The bowl is of the "killer" type, thick walls contribute to uniform heating, suitable for smoking strong tobaccos. HEIGHT 8.5cm WIDTH (OF TOP) 9cm SUGGESTED TOBACCO USAGE BLONDE / DARK HEAT RETENTION MEDIUM-HIGH START-UP TIME 1 MINUTE HMD KALOUD COMPATIBLE YES PROVOST COMPATIBLE YES COAL SUGGESTION FLATS / CUBBETS CAPACITY / GRAMS ~15-20 GRAMS

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Smokelab - The Premium Way


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