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    Coco Argila Shisha Charcoal Sticks

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Shisha Charcoal & Coals - The Premium Way
The Premium Way offers a wide selection of high-quality shisha coals and shisha charcoal at competitive prices. Every product in our range is tested and selected for quality, chosen to deliver the best possible shisha smoking experience. 1kg of hookah coals can last 14-18 hours. Experience will vary depending on size, shape, and type of coal. Click any product to learn more or order online today.... Read More

How to Choose the Right Hookah Charcoal

Choosing the right hookah charcoal will usually come down to how you like to use your hookah. If you’re looking for a quick session with as little preparation, you may want to use quick light coals. However, if you’re after the full experience, natural charcoal will be your best option.

What's the difference between Quick Light Coals and Natural Charcoal?

Quick light charcoal is a great starting point if you're new to smoking shisha. They only take a few seconds to light and you can light it with any household matches or a lighter. In 2-5 minutes they'll be hot enough to use.

Natural charcoal, on the other hand, will take longer to heat up and effectively requires a heating coil to light it and keep it hot. On the bright side, the smoke produced by natural charcoal is better for you as it has none of the harmful chemicals that make quick light charcoal so easy to use. It will also affect the flavour of the shisha less, stay hot for longer, and burn hotter, meaning you'll use less charcoal overall. If you're looking for a 'healthier', eco-friendly option, natural shisha coal is the best choice.

What is Coconut Charcoal?

These days, coconut husk charcoal is the most common type of coal you'll encounter. Coconut makes for great charcoal, as it burns longer, affects the taste of the shisha flavours less, and is made from natural ingredients. However, some people still prefer the taste of other types of charcoal, including natural timber, bamboo, orangewood, even sugar charcoal. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference, but we recommend starting with a coconut husk charcoal.

What do the Different Coal Shapes Mean?

Shisha coals come in a range of different shapes and sizes. Shisha coals can be cube shaped, ball shaped, hexagon shaped, flat and more. Shapes other than cubes are all known as flatter coals and generally have shorter burn times than cube-shaped coals.

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Click on any product in our range to view it and add it to your shopping cart. The Premium Way stock a wide range of premium shisha products, including hookahs, shisha tobacco, and accessories. We ship worldwide, with next day shipping available in Australia at the checkout. Order online today and get fast shipping directly to your door. Read Less...


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