How to Prepare Hookah (Shisha) for Beginners - The Premium Way

How to Prepare Hookah (Shisha) for Beginners

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Hookahs, or shisha, are traditional turkey and Egypt smoking tools that have become famous all around the world with a fanbase of millions from all walks of life. Catching a small drag of hookah at your local hookah parlor on Saturday evening is preferred by everyone but what if you desire to set up your personal hookah and want to enjoy in your comfort space? If yes and you're confused and seeking a little bit of guidance, you've arrived at the right page.  

  1. Rinse the hookah. Rinse the hookah with soap water and a fluffy brush before bringing it to play for the initial time, and whenever it is required and when used by a group. Disjoin all parts initially, and clean every single piece but keep the hoses aside; assume these are not water-safe except specified contrarily. Pat dry with a cloth and put it off for some time into the air to dry before you proceed.

TIP: Washing after each sitting is good, but surely rinse with water whenever you notice residue on the jar, or if the smoke savor doesn't taste nice or usual. A long, sleek brush serves you to enter inside long parts like a pipe. You can easily get good brushes at shops that deal with hookahs/ shisha. 

  1. Steam ice-cold water into the vessel. The vessel is a big glass receptacle at the base of the shisha. Fill it adequate to cover 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the alloy stem and this figure is variable depending on the size of the jar, this quantity is for the standard jar. Keep space for air is crucial to water down and cool the smoke and make it comfortable to draw on the hose and make it easy on your lungs. If you have a small-sized hookah, you may barely be equipped to meet ½ inch (1.15 cm) of the alloy stem to scoot room for air and dodge merging the hoses. The stem is the alloy point at the base of the central hookah bar. Slot the shaft on the head of the vase to see how below down the stem goes. The water is not the strainer for nicotine and other substances almost as much as most smokers think. Totting up more water won't form the hookah free from danger or safe for your lungs.

TIP: Add ice (optional). Nevertheless, hookah smoke, correctly inhaled, is not sharp at all, a refreshingly chill temperature will present it even more smooth. You may like to add on some of the water to create your perfect hit it and till then you can experiment to get that, in the same as described in point number two. 

  1. Infix the hookah shaft into the glass vessel. Drop the shaft into the base, so the stem get in the water. There must be a silicone or rubber section that drapes encompassing the tip of the base to make it sealed. If the fit isn't airtight, the smoke will be thin and difficult to pull. If the rubber piece won't interlock, wet it with a few drops of water or a bit of liquid detergent. 
  1. Fasten the hoses. The hoses aperture into holes on the rear of the shaft. Exactly like the base, these holes should be sealed fits. Some hookahs secure the hole if there is no hose fastened. On other types, you'll need to connect all the pipes or hoses even if you're dragging singly. 
  1. Confirm twice your water measure prior to connecting. If the water volumes are too close to your hose joints, the water could wreck your hoses. 
  1. Examine the gust. Put your hand on the head of the hookah stem to seize air from penetrating the hookah. Attempt to breathe through a hose. If you can perceive any air, one of the fixes is not sealed. Examine them all for secure fits and rubber or silicone fasteners. If you're in short supply of a seal, watch for "hookah grommets" to find a substitution. The nicely wrapped strong tape can make an interim, mostly impenetrable seal. Put the metal plate on the top of the hookah shaft. This tray keeps hot embers and residue or ashes of tobacco if and when they drop.

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